About us

Kelmė District Municipal Žemaitė Public Library

 The first state library in Kelmė was established on 1 February 1937 and had just 180 books.

In October 1951 the Children library was established.  

In 1977 district libraries were integrated into a centralized system and Kelmė Library became its centre. 43 village and 2 town branches were connected to Kelmė District Central Library.

In 1978 the Central Library moved to the present premises located on Vytauto Didžiojo g. 73, Kelmė.

In June 1995 the Central Library was named under the Lithuanian writer Žemaitė. Soon after it was named Kelmė District Municipal Žemaitė Public Library.  

Year 2001 was important to the library – the Internet was installed. Installation of the Internet in the library was a starting point of process automatization and connection to a unanimous integral library system of Lithuania. 

In May 2003 a cataloguing and collection subsystem of the Lithuanian integral information system of libraries (LIBIS) was installed; later bibliographers started operating with this integral system and were making analytic cataloguing and data registration of periodicals. In 2008 Reader Service subsystem was installed.    

In 2016 an Innovative environment for young people was established.

In 2020 Kelmė District Municipal Žemaitė Public Library consisted of the library in Kelmė and its structural divisions in 18 locations of the district.

Visitors in the library have all possibilities to use the universal fund that consists of over 100 thousand printed, electronic and other documents and electronic services of the library: catalogues, databases, digital documents of the local history, to get familiar with virtual exhibitions and video records of the library. Here we organize book presentations, meetings with writers, exhibitions of literature and pieces of art, discussions, other events, various educational activities and digital literacy training of population.  

Over 100 computerised workplaces with free access to the Internet, a reading room, environment with innovative facilities to children and young people – sets of  robot technologies, 3D pens and printers, a game console, computers with various software promoting creativity (3D modelling, video editing, picture editing, etc.) and table games are provided. Book lending places (subscribers) and public Internet access points are operating in all structural divisions of the Library.  

The Library regularly escalates its operations, implements projects, participates in various programmes, improves its current services and creates new ones in order to encourage personal development, to establish optimal conditions for creativity, lifelong learning and meaningful leisure time.

The library is waiting for its readers.